Friday, September 10, 2010

What has been going on?

I will now fill you in on the statments from my previous post.

1. My great grandmother (Mamo) passed away on July 6th at 5:33pm. She went into that "deep sleep" on Thursday the 1st, opened her eyes at 5:24pm, looked right at me (I then called my parents into the room), we all three told her that we were fine- we would take care of each other- and that she could finally GO HOME to the Lord, she then closed her eyes and took her last breath. It was as if she needed us to tell her one time that we would all be okay and that it was fine for her to go home. For the last year she became confused on where her home was. For the last 40+ years her home had been in Houston Texas. My parents, brother and I moved into her home over 24 years ago. She took care of us and we took care of her. While the last year, really 8 months prior to her death, were difficult for us... it hurt my heart more for her. She thought we were trying to keep her from her home. Mamo continually stated... Please just take me home OR Why won't you let me go home. My mother constantly had tears in her eyes, my dad and I were the strong ones, & my brother just did want to deal with it. There is absoluetly no way for me to explain how the last 3 years of her life, and ours, have been but those that know me well know what we went through.

Mamo was the one that was meant to live forever... she was born in 1911, she had turned 99 in May 2010, she was the oldest daughter of 13 siblings, she watched her parents- brothers & sisters- nieces & nephews- husband- children and grandchildren die before her, she lived through: the sinking of the Titantic, the roaring 20's, the great depression, Kennedy being shot, 20+ presidents, she watched man land on the moon, she went from living in a one bedroom home with her family in Mississippi to a two story 4 bedroom house in Texas, she had no tv- black and white tv- colored tv, she worked in cotton fields, sewed many peoples clothing, had 3 children- 8 grandchildren- 8 great grandchildren- 4 great great grandchilren... she experienced life. I love and miss her every single day and I know that the "pain" will get better but I will always remember her and everyTHING that she did for me.

2. I now have a roommate. The lovely Sarah. It is fun, we have a great time, she is a Godly woman, and I am glad that she came into my life. Shout Out to Sarah :)

3. I am now a Kindergarten teacher. I have 21 students, love them, it is challenging, it is fun, it is stressful, it is demanding, and I love it.

4. I am still working in my office. I love what I do and I did not want to give it up.

I am still doing wedding/event planning and one of my friends is getting married in February. Her bachelorette party is next weekend and I am sure that I will have stories.... or at least good pictures.

Still living life to the fullest, tired a lot these days, but it is all worth it.

I hope that all of you have a FaBuLoUs weekend!

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